We Ship Express Integration

The We Ship Express Integration is owned and built by a 3rd party developer ( Treefrog Digital). 

For questions regarding custom reports, setup, or support, please contact support@treefrogdigital.com


The We Ship Express app allows you to push shipping orders to We Ship Express as they are created in Commerce7.

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Installing the We Ship Express App

To get started with We Ship Express, you first need to have an agreement in place with We Ship Express, and you need to be set up on We Ship Express’s shipping solution.

Please contact sales@weshipexpress.com to initiate the process if you have not already done so. Once an agreement is in place, navigate to the app store in your admin panel and click on the We Ship Express app.

Next, navigate to Apps & Extensions from the admin panel and select We Ship Express app. Install your application by selecting the mode of the app (Staging or Production) and adding the following information: Username, Password, and Client Code for We Ship Express’s API. You will need to request this information directly to We Ship Express.

Before you start using the app, verify that all product SKUs in Commerce7 match the ones you have on We Ship Express’s shipping solution and that the products have inventory available. If this is not the case, you will get an error.

How to Send, Check and Cancel Orders

The We Ship Express integration allows you to push shipping orders to We Ship Express as they are created in Commerce7.

Also, from the Commerce7 Order Detail page you will have the 3 available actions under the More Actions menu:

  • Send Order to We Ship Express: Will manually push the selected order to We Ship Express.
  • Check Order Status at We Ship Express: Will return the actual order status on We Ship Express if the order has previously been pushed to We Ship Express.
  • Cancel Order on We Ship Express: Cancel the selected order on We Ship Express.

The We Ship Express integration uses the new Commerce7 App Sync feature. Inside the order detail page, a new App Sync tab will appear. On this tab, you will get a log of the communication between Commerce7 and We Ship Express. You will be able to review if the order was successfully exported to We Ship Express or if any errors happened during the process, so you can act accordingly.

When the order has been processed on We Ship Express and a carrier tracking number has been assigned to the order, that information will automatically be pushed back to Commerce7. The order will be marked as fulfilled and the tracking number will be added to it.