Order Printer App

The Order Printer app is owned and built by a 3rd party developer (Treefrog Digital). For questions regarding custom reports, setup or support, please contact support@treefrogdigital.com.


The Order Printer app allows you to swap out the default receipt for alternatives including your own custom-designed receipt.


Navigate to the Apps & Extensions page in your Commerce7 admin panel and click on the Order Printer app. You need to have an Admin Owner role to see this page.

Next, select the template you would like to use. Currently, there are three different templates. You can always get a custom receipt for a one-time fee.

Note: Only choose Custom if you have a custom template built by Treefrog Digital.

Click on the Install button to install the application. After the installation is complete, go to the Store menu and click on the Order page

Select an order and under the More actions link you will see a Print Order with Order Printer link. This will generate a PDF receipt for your Commerce7 order with the design selected when the app was activated.

Here are examples of the receipts: