ATS Healthcare App

The ATS Healthcare integration app for Commerce7 is owned and built by a 3rd party developer ( Treefrog Digital). For questions regarding orders reports, setup, or support, please contact us at

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Setting up ATS Healthcare Integration 

To get started with the ATS Healthcare integration, select the Apps tab from the admin panel and then select the ATS Healthcare App. Complete the fields in the ATS App.

To set up this app, you will need to obtain your ATS Healthcare Docket and know which service you use and any accessorials.

Complete the following fields in the ATS App:

  • Docket: Obtain your ATS Healthcare Docket from ATS
  • Service: Use the drop-down menu to select the service type
  • Accessorials: Check all that apply
  • Shipment Tracking Emails: Select Yes or No

Once all the information is entered, scroll down and select Continue and then click on Install.

The app will take a few minutes to install; once done, you will see the ATS Healthcare App as active under the apps menu. 

How to Export a Report with ATS Healthcare

To export a report with ATS Healthcare, navigate to the Reports Tab in the admin panel, then select Order Reports, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the ATS Healthcare option.

To export or request a report, specify a date range for the shipping orders you would like to upload to ATS Healthcare. 

Select the Start Date and End Date for your report. Once you have selected your date range, select Submit

The system will process your request; this could take a few seconds or minutes, depending on the range of dates and information to be exported. 

You’ll be able to see the Status of your report; this will indicate if the report is done, is retrieving date, or if no orders were found within that range date. 

Once it is complete, you will see the status of your request marked as Done, followed by a download button for the report requested. 

At this time, a copy of your report will also be emailed to you - please note these links will expire in 24 hours.


Remember the downloaded file will be in a CSV format. After reviewing the information, save the file as XLSX, as this is the format you will need to upload the file into ATS Healthcare.

How to Import your File into ATS Healthcare

The downloaded file will be in a CSV format. 

After reviewing the information,  s ave the file as XLSX, as this is the format you will need to upload the file into ATS Healthcare.

Head into your ATS Healthcare app and follow the setup steps outlined by them on how to batch upload the orders for shipping.

How to Upload your ATS Healthcare File Back into Commerce7

ATS Healthcare allows you to upload your ATS process file to fulfill orders and push their tracking information into Commerce7

To achieve this, the export option must be enabled on ATS Healthcare. The needed download file should be available at the following path: C:\ATS 

The file is a CSV file that starts with: ATSOut

Once you have the file, navigate to the ATS Healthcare app (To reach the ATS Healthcare app, go to Orders, then Orders Report, and scroll until you see the ATS Healthcare option)

Select Import, then Upload Tracking Numbers

Enter a Title for the upload, this is an internal name only. Its only purpose is to help you identify the files uploaded.

Choose the file to be uploaded, then click on Save

Once the file is uploaded, the orders will be automatically marked as Fulfilled, and the tracking number will be added to the orders. 

The status will notify you if your upload was successful or if there are any errors on your orders. 

By clicking on the status, you’ll be able to see a run down of all the orders imported in that file and their status 

ATS Healthcare Export CSV Fields

To understand better your exported file, below is the documentation for the columns available in the ATS Healthcare report:

Docket Your unique Customer ID number
Attention Special Attention Line
Name Name of Recipient 
Address Address of recipient
Address 1 Address line #2- suie # etc of the recipient
City City of recipient
Province Two letter province code of the recipient
Country Country code of the recipient
Zip Postal code of the recipient
Phone Phone number of the recipient
Email Email of the recipient. They will receive tracking notifications.
Send 1= send tracking information
Pieces How many package(s) are being shipped
Weight The weight of the package(s) being shipped
Instructions Any special instructions there may be for the order/package
Service The service level for the package(s) being sent
Accessorials HS (Heated Service), KC (Keep Cool), NS (No Signature Required), BD (Back Door), etc.
Ref A reference number for the shipped package(s)
Description of Goods A description of the goods in the package(s) being shipped