Vinum55 Integration

The VINUM55 Integration is owned and built by a third-party developer (Treefrog Digital). For any questions, please contact

You need to have an agreement in place with VINUM55 to get started, contact them at to initiate the process. Once your account is created, VINUM55 will provide you with the winery name so you can add it to the installation setup on Commerce7.


To get started with VINUM55, navigate to the app store in your admin panel and click on the VINUM55 integration.

To install the application, click on INSTALL and type in your winery name as provided by VINUM55.

NOTE: Before using the app for the first time, it is highly recommended to set up the webhook on your Detrack account.

Go to Detrack > Settings > Webhook 

Select all available triggers and select JSON as your Contact Type, then click Save.


The VINUM55 integration allows you to push shipping orders to VINUM55 from Commerce7.

To push an order to VINUM55, head into the Order Detail Page, from there click on More Actions. You will see two actions related to VINUM55: Send Order to VINUM55 and Print VINUM55 Shipping Label

Click on Send Order to VINUM55 to send the order to VINUM55 for shipment. 

Once you have sent the order, head back into the VINUM55 app and you will see all orders sent to VINUM55.

You will see the D.O. No., which is similar to a Tracking Number, the order information, including the Detrack Status. The Detrack Status shows the status of the order from start (when it is received in VINUM55) to finish (till the order has been received by the client).

Remember that VINUM55 only operates in certain regions and cities. If you try to push an order outside a working area, you will get the following message. 

Lastly, to print the shipping label for the order, click on the Print VINUM55 Shipping Label action. A PDF file will open up in a new window for printing.