Wine Tour Tasting App

The Wine Tour Tasting app is owned and built by a 3rd party developer (Treefrog Digital). For questions and support, please contact


The Wine Tour Tasting app allows Vineyards to offer Wine Tour Tasting programs to encourage and market customers to buy the products they have tasted on the tour.

It allows the creation of a List of Wines offered, their locations, the selection of a Host/Guide from a dropdown list, and the Printing of the Tasting List including SKU, description, size of the bottle, price, and special notes.


To get started, navigate to the app store in your Commerce7 admin panel and click on the Wine Tour Tasting app.

Next, install your application. Once installed the application will show up in your Store Menu Page from your admin panel.


Before you start creating lists on the Wine Tour Tasting app, you must first configure the Tour and Locations of your collection. 

On your admin panel click on Stores scroll down until you see the Wine Tour Tasting option by click on it.

Once inside the Wine Tour Tasting, you’ll be able to see the main menu just under the App By: Treefrog Digital subtitle. 

There are two options on the menu:

  • Tours/Tastings: This will show you all the listings created, and from here you will be able to add a new listing.
  • Settings: In here you’ll be able to configure tours/location, host/guide as well as email templates.

Click on Settings, then click on Tour/Locations

Once inside the Tour/Locations settings, you’ll be able to see all locations previously set up as well as add a new one. In order to be able to add a product to a wine tour tasting list, it must first be allocated to a location list. 

Click on Add Tour/Location

First assign a name for the location, next start adding products to your location. You can do so by typing in the name of the product or the SKU in the search bar:

Click the + sign to add the product to the location list, if you wish to, you can add a note to the product once it has been added to the list, this will be visible in the printed list. 

Repeat the step for all the products you wish to add to this location. Once you are done click on the Save button. This will save the list and take you back to the tour/location setting page. 

Once you have created a location list, it’s time to create a Host/Guides. Click again on Settings and now select the Host/Guides option.

Click on Add Host/Guide, you will need to fill out the First and Last Name of the host, the email address of the host, and select whether the status of the host is available or not. Once you’re done click on the Save button.

Lastly, to cover all of the settings options, if you wish to, you can configure your custom HTML template for your printed orders. To do so head to Settings, then click on Template.

Once you have added your listing of locations with their products offering, and once you have added the host information, you can now head back to the Tour/Tasting menu and start creating your Wine Tour Tasting lists. 

Creating a Wine Tour Tasting List

Click on Add Listing

To create a Wine Tour Tasting List you will need to follow the first two steps. When your customers decide to purchase products from the tasting list, then you will need to follow steps 3 and 4, since these are where you will create the order based on the list. 

Step 1

First, you must add a name to your listing, select the location of your tour, select a host, select the date of the tour or tasting and finally select the time of the tour or tasting. 

Once you have filled out this information click on the Save button located on the bottom of the page, once you click on it (if everything is filled out) it will take you to step 2.

Step 2

The second step is all about adding the products to the listing, you can do so by typing the name or SKU on the search bar. Once you find the product click on the + sign to add it. Repeat this step as many times as necessary. 

Once you’re done you can click on the Print Icon and it will print your Wine Tour Listing.

*Note: If at any time you need to return to step 1 you can do so by click on the blue circle that highlights the steps to follow. 

With this, you have finished setting up your listing, you can head back to the tour listing by either clicking on the app from the admin panel or click on Tour Tasting from the main menu. 

Creating an Order from a Wine Tour Tasting List

If a customer decides to purchase a product from the tasting list, to create an order you will need to first head back into the wine tour tasting list.

Click on the name of the corresponding Wine Tour Tasting List, from there head on to Step 3. You will need to click on the step 1 circle, then step 2 circle and finally, click on the step 3 circle. 

Start by searching or typing for a customer, then you will need to select the POS profile ID from the dropdown menu. Then start adjusting the QTY of the products to be purchase from the tasting list. 

For this example, this tasting list only has one product. 

Click save will take you to step 4, where it will show you that the order has been created and sent to the POS.

Head into the POS to finish fulfilling the order, once there you will see the tasting order as a standby order on the POS on the top of the page:

By clicking on it, you’ll be able to visualize it fully and continue with the payment and fulfillment process.