Custom Reports App

The Custom Reports App is owned and built by a 3rd party developer ( Treefrog Digital). For questions regarding setup, printing, or support, contact

The Custom Reports App Functionality

Our Custom Reports App enables you to run reports inside Commerce7. When you run the report, you will get an email with a link to download the report as a CSV file. 

For quick access to the topic you are looking for, click the corresponding link below:

Reports Included in the App

The followign reports are included in the app:

  • WSN Sales -205 Report
  • Order Sales Tax
  • Daily Activity
  • Club Shipping Labels Report
  • Tender Report
  • Tender Detail Report
  • Club Memberships
  • Unfulfilled Orders (option to break bundles)
  • Financial Report (option to break bundles)
  • Fulfilled Orders (option to break bundles)
  • Fulfilled Detail
  • Fulfilled Summary
  • Revenue Detail
  • Revenue Summary
  • Unfulfilled Detail
  • Unfulfilled Summary
  • ShipCompliant Direct Order Import Report
  • Pick & Pack
  • 209 Shipping Report
  • 202 Shipping Report

Reports available on request:

  • Callahan Compliance Report
  • In House Fulfillment
  • CVS
  • Vintrace Report
  • State Sales Tax

We can also build a custom report for your needs. We base the initial charge on an hourly rate. Once we have created the report, you can run it anytime you want inside Commerce7 via our Custom Reports app.

To build a custom report for you, please send us a sample of your needs at

Installing the Custom Reports App

Navigate to the app store in your Commerce7 admin panel and click on the Custom Reports app. You need to have an Admin Owner role to see this page.

Click on the INSTALL button to install the application. After the installation is complete, the application will appear under the Reports menu page from your admin panel.

Running a Custom Report

Running a custom report, it’s easy. Head into Reports from your Admin panel, then click on the Customer Reports App. 

Once inside the app, you will see all of the reports available for the Custom Report app. The full list of reports is available in the Reports included in the app section on this page.

Click on the report you want to run, for example, “WSN Sales - 205 Report”.

Inside the report window, select the Start and End Dates for the data you wish to display on the report. Then click on the Submit button.

After submitting the report then:

  1. The app will run the report, and you will get a notification stating: “Your report has been processed and will be emailed to you shortly.”
  2. The status of the report will show under a list in the same window. 
  3. After a couple of minutes, you will receive an email notification with a link to download the report. 

You can also download the report from the app. However, it might just take a few extra seconds or minutes for the download button to show. By this time, you should also have received the email containing your report.

Keep in mind that the Download Link expires within 24 hours