Geocoding App


The Geocoding app is owned and built by a 3rd party developer (Treefrog Digital). For questions regarding setup or support, please contact


The Geocoding app automatically converts the address into geographic coordinates and adds counties for all your Commerce7 orders.

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To get started, navigate to the Apps & Extensions in your Commerce7 admin panel and click on the Geocoding App. You need to have an Admin Owner role to see this page.

Click on the Install App button. Once installed, the application will appear on your Store Menu page in your admin panel.

Geocoding App Settings

The app will automatically set up your store geocoding by assigning County, Latitude, and Longitude to the new orders based on your store address for your pickup orders.

If you need to change or establish a different county, head to your admin panel, click on Store, scroll down, and click Geocoding.

Within the Geocoding App, click on Settings, then General Settings.

Inside General Settings, you can see and modify the information registered for your pickups.

Within the Geocoding App, you will also find the following options:

Dashboard: provides monthly and total address lookups.

Addresses: displays a list of addresses added with geolocation.

Reports: Download your Sales Tax Report and filter by date range and state code.

How to add Geocoding to an order

Our Geocoding App is simple to use. Once installed, the app will automatically add geocoding to any order placed in the store. 

However, it is possible to manually add the geocoding to an order (for example, an order created before you installed the app) within the Order Detail Page and under More Actions.

Manually adding a Geocoding to an order

From the admin panel, select Store, then Orders, click on the order you want to add the geocoding, then click on More Actions and click on Geocoding Lookup.

Once the app has added the geocoding to the order, you’ll see a small Success notification at the bottom of the page.

You can confirm the geocoding has been added by reviewing the order's meta data tab.