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The Order Thermal Printer app is owned and built by a 3rd party developer (Treefrog Digital). For questions regarding setup, list, printing, or support, please contact support@treefrogdigital.com.

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The Order Thermal Printer app allows Commerce7 stores to connect a Thermal Printer to their store for printing order receipts. For custom receipts templates, please contact us for more details. 

This app is integrated with the Epson TM-T88VI, VII & V-i series Receipt Printer, and this documentation follows the steps on how to configure and install this thermal Printer. 


Our app now supports cloud printing and direct printing. You must choose one of two configurations, either Cloud Printing or Direct Printing.

Order Thermal Printer now works with Star MC-Print3, this type of printer only works with cloud printing.

Direct Printing vs Cloud Printing, what’s the difference…

Direct printing prints the receipt instantly when you click the button and has a few requirements. 

  1. You must set up a static IP address on the printer or assign one using DHCP. This IP address must be set in your POS Profile so you don't want it to change on the printer. You may need your IT provider to assist you with setting up an assigned/static IP address.
  2. An SSL certificate provided by Commerce7 must be installed annually on all printers. For support with this installation, please contact us at support@treefrogdigital.com.

Cloud printing has a 1-15 second delay in printing receipts. The requirements are a one-time configuration of the printer. No static IP or SSL certificate is required.

The following printers are now integrated with Commerce7 and can be purchased through the links below.


The links below have multiple options to purchase; you must ensure you purchase the models with an ethernet cable interface; we do not recommend or support the wifi interface.

Please only purchase the printer from the source link below. There are many fake/knock off devices on Amazon, and we only recommend the following site.

Printers with Direct Print Option

Epson T88-VI

Epson T88-V-i

Epson T88-VI-i

Printers with Cloud Printing

Epson T88-VII

Epson T88-V-i

Epson T88-VI-i

Additional Printing Options with Treefrog Digital

These printing options required Installation, Annual SSL Certificate Updates, and Support through Treefrog Digital. 

We have worked diligently to establish additional printing solutions for our clients. We have partnered up with Commerce7 as they are focused on building customer-centric shopping experiences to offer you more flexibility with your printing setup.

Treefrog Digital will install these printers as there is required software installed directly at the winery location. A fee may be charged to set up printing on these devices; also, on a yearly basis, we will need to renew the SSL certificates on printers. Wineries should expect a charge for that annual procedure as well.

The reason for this partnership is simple; today, we print through the cloud - every 30 seconds, the printer checks the cloud to see if any receipts are there. If there are, it prints them; if not it does nothing. 

Previously we were unable to direct print to a local printer because it is not possible to go from a secure web app to an unsecured IP address (and printers by default, don’t have SSL and are unsecured). 

So by partnering up with Commerce7, Treefrog Digital is able to install an SSL on the receipt printer and support the additional software required to print in this way. 

Please contact us for any additional questions regarding setup, cost, and support for these devices. 

Installing the App (Setup)

To get started, navigate to the app store in your Commerce7 admin panel and click on the Order Thermal Printer app.

Before installing, you must first choose a Template to use on your Thermal Printer; choose Template 1 (you’ll be able to change the temple from the app settings); for now, ignore the other fields; we will configure this inside the app.

Scroll down and click on INSTALL

Once installed the application will show up on your Store Menu Page from your admin panel.

Cloud Printing - Setting up your Thermal Printer

Commerce 7 and our app are integrated with the Epson OmniLink TM-T88VII Receipt Printer. Using this integration, you can print receipts in the tasting room

If you ordered the older version of this printer model, Epson OmniLink TM-T88VI-i, you can also follow the steps described here, as the setup is the same. 

If you have yet to purchase your thermal printer, please refer to the Direct Printing vs Cloud Printing section for a list of compatible printers for either cloud or direct printing options. Please only purchase through the links listed in that section, as there are many fake/knock-off devices on Amazon and we only recommend the listed site.

Please note that we do not recommend or support the WiFi connectivity as it is complicated to set up and maintain.

You will require a cat5/cat6 ethernet cable to connect this to your network.

Adding the Printer in Commerce7

  1. To set up this integration, first, navigate to Settings > POS Profiles
  2. Select the POS Profile you want the printer added to

  1. Once you have selected the POS Profile, scroll to the bottom of the selected POS profile to reach the Receipt Printers section.
  2. First, select the Printer Receipt Format. You can choose from any of our three predetermined templates. (For custom receipts templates, please contact us for more details)
  3. Then for each receipt printer, you'd like to add to a POS profile, add a Printer ID and Title.
    1. Type - Select Cloud this is the default and what you need to set for Cloud Printing.
    2. PrinterID - Create your own 6-30 digit, alphanumeric ID. You cannot have spaces or use special characters in this ID (numbers and letters only).
    3. Title - Give your receipt printer a title. Staff will select a printer by title when deciding which printer to send receipts to. Example titles could be "Printer1", "Counter Printer", etc.
    4. Click on Add Printer
  4. After entering all your receipt printers, click Save. 

Setting up your Epson Thermal Printer

Now we need to set up the actual receipt printer

  1. First, Install the supplied sample paper roll into the printer
  2. Plugin the printer into a Cat5/Cat6 Ethernet Jack on your local network (meaning connect your printer to your local network by means of the ethernet cable), plug in the power and turn the printer on.
  3. Wait around 1 minute the printer will startup and print the local IP address is obtained from your network. 
  4. Type in the IP address into a web browser from a computer on the same network (Example:
  5. Login with the following credentials: Username: epson | Password: epson

    (if “epson” doesn’t work, try using the serial number on the side of the printer as the password)

  6. You will see the EpsonNet Config page as below, click on “Epson OmniLink TM-T88VII

  1. You will see the EpsonNet Config for TM-i as follows:

  1. Click Server Direct Print, and configure the following options

Server1 URL = https://apigateway.commerce7.com/lambdas/print-receipt?tenantId={your tenant identifier}

For example:


You can find your tenant ID in Commerce7 from the admin panel and navigate to Settings > General

**Make sure the URL is exact. Spelling it slightly incorrectly, such as "tenantID" will not work**. 

  • Interval = 30. (Do not set less than 15 seconds or service may be throttled). 
  • ID = The ID of the printer you configured earlier in this documentation in the POS profile section of the Commerce7 admin panel 
  • Name = The ID of the printer you configured earlier in this documentation in the POS profile section of the Commerce7 admin panel.
  • Server Authentication = Disabled

9. Under Device Admin click Printer and the following page will be displayed. 

Configure the following options:

Device ID = The ID of the printer you configured earlier in this documentation in the POS profile section of the Commerce7 admin panel.

IP Address = Enter the internal IP 

10. Click Apply and Restart

Direct Printing - Settings up your Thermal Printer

First we need to configure the printer

Step 1. Plug the printer into ethernet, power and install the paper roll, turn the printer on and if your network automatically provides an IP address, a receipt will print out listing the temporary IP address of the printer.

Step 2. Enter this IP address into a web browser and you will be prompted to login. The username is Epson, and the password is either Epson or the printer serial number.

Static IP Address Setup

On the basic tab after logging in, you will see the Mac address for the printer. You can use this mac address to create a Static IP address assignment on your router, domain controller or device that runs DHCP for your network. You may want to work with your IT provider to get this setup.

Turn the printer off and on again and the printer will always have the same IP address used. You can select TCP/IP to view the IP address and optionally set a Manual (Static) IP address here if your network does not allow for DHCP reservations.

SSL Certificate Installation

Step 1. Import the SSL Certificate

1. Choose Certificate Import

2. Select File Type = Password Protected PKCS#12 Certificate

3. Download this file Commerce7.P12 and then click Choose File and find this file in your downloads folder.

4. Enter the password c72024 and click Import, then click Reset and wait for the printer to restart, this page will be displayed after restarting.

Step 2.  Set the Server Certificate to use the CA-Signed Certificate1

1. Under Security click on SSL/TLS

2. Click on the Server Certificate dropdown menu and choose CA-Signed Certificate1

3. Verify under Authentication - Certificate List that the CA-Signed Certificate1 Subject = *.local.commerce7.com, if not then the certificate was not imported correctly - restart and try the import again.

4. Click Send 

5. Then, restart the printer by clicking on the Reset button.

Enable EPOS Print 

For TM-T88VI, TM-T88VI-i, T88-VI-i

  1. Select EpsonNet Config for TM-i

  1. Select ePOS-Print under services and change the setting to enable, then click Apply & Restart